We’ve Got You: Here’s EverlyWell’s Holiday Gift Guide

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like giving the perfect gift to someone you care about. And nothing quite says that you care about someone like giving them a gift that could change their lives.

But we all know that the gifting season can be stressful, so we’re here to help out with some suggestions for just about every type of person in your life.


It’s very likely that someone in your family – or in your circle of friends – is quite the foodie. Quite possibly, in fact, they can wax poetic about the different flavors they loved at that nearby restaurant or, say, taco truck.

So, here are a few gift ideas for that foodie in your life.

The Gift: Sow and Grow Seed Starter Kit


WHAT IT IS: Perfect for the foodie who might not have the greenest of thumbs, the Sow and Grow Seed Starter kit is an easy way to grow 5 delicious, edible plants – like purple carrots, black corn, and rainbow chard. Everything needed for successfully growing these plants is included with the kit, such as seed packets, soil, and biodegradable planting pots.

PRICE: $19.99

The Gift: Food Sensitivity Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: It’s an easy way for any foodie to learn how their body responds to 96 different foods – including various seeds and nuts, spices, fruits and vegetables, meats, and more (see the full list of foods here).

PRICE: $159 (get 15% off with code GIVETHEGIFT)

The Gift: Cookbook – Super Natural Every Day: Well-Loved Recipes from My Natural Foods Kitchen


WHAT IT IS: Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day: Well-Loved Recipes from My Natural Foods Kitchen comes with beautiful photographs and clear instructions, so the foodie you know can cook up food that not only looks great on a plate – but also tastes amazing.  

PRICE: $14.35 (get 20% off with code SNOWFALL)


Perhaps someone close to you practically lives at the gym and enjoys all things fitness-related. Here are a couple of gift ideas for just that someone.

The Gift: Diet Fitness Pro 360 by DNAFit


WHAT IT IS: This tool will help any fitness buff discover – at the DNA level – how their body responds to power and endurance training, as well as recovery speed and aerobic training response. In short, it’ll help that fitness buff in your life more effectively achieve their health and fitness goals.

PRICE: $95.99

The Gift: Vitamin D + Inflammation Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: Your fitness-focused gift-recipient is probably working on building muscle, but what about their bones? Vitamin D is essential for healthy, strong bones (because it helps your body use calcium more efficiently). So if someone is low on vitamin D, then their bone health might be in jeopardy. Fortunately, this at-home Vitamin D and Inflammation Test Kit makes it easy to check vitamin D levels (as well as the amount of “background” inflammation in the body) – a great way for that fitness buff to see if they’re getting enough of this key vitamin.

PRICE: $99 (get 15% off with code GIVETHEGIFT)

The Gift: Metabolism Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: Physical activity affects a lot of different hormones in the body – many of which are related to weight and energy. EverlyWell’s take-it-at-home Metabolism Test checks hormone levels of hormones like cortisol, free testosterone, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

So with this easy-to-use kit, that fitness buff in your life can see exactly how physical activity is affecting their body. For example, testosterone heightens muscle production (higher testosterone levels generally result in greater muscle mass), while cortisol breaks down muscles. And TSH is tightly involved with metabolism – or how the body turns food into energy.

PRICE: $69 (get 15% off with code GIVETHEGIFT)

The Gift: Classpass Membership


WHAT IT IS: A great way for any gym-lover to try out top-tier fitness studios in their area, this Classpass Membership includes access to a stunning range of workout classes – including bootcamp, cycling, Pilates, and yoga (to name a few). And they’ll love how easy it is to use this membership to create a customized fitness routine that fits well with their schedule.

PRICE: starts at $50


If you’ve been pondering what to get your parents this holiday season, then consider the following gift ideas.

The Gift: Heart Health Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: It’s an easy way for the parents in your life to check levels of 6 key markers of heart health. These 6 markers are: total cholesterol, direct LDL, triglycerides, HbA1c, and hs-CRP. They’ll love it because this test can be easily taken from the comfort – and privacy – of home. What’s more, they’ll receive easy-to-understand information about their personal levels of these important heart health indicators.

PRICE: $79 (get 15% off with code GIVETHEGIFT)

The Gift: Green Tea Discovery Kit


WHAT IT IS: Aside from their utter deliciousness, green treas offer various wellness benefits: they are rich in polyphenols (which can help fight inflammation) and antioxidants. Plus, they’re a good source of non-jittery energy, thanks to a little compound known as L-theanine. All reasons why, we think, the parents in your life would appreciate this opportunity to “taste their way through” six different loose-leaf green teas.

PRICE: $35


Is someone close to you expecting a baby? Here are some gifts we think she’ll love this holiday season.

The Gift: Omega-3 Basic Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: Having enough EPA and DHA – both of which are omega-3 fatty acids – is incredibly important for the healthy development of a baby in the womb, and this at-home kit is an easy, convenient way for a mama-to-be to check in on her omega-3 levels.

PRICE: $79 (get 15% off with code GIVETHEGIFT)

The Gift: Pocket Farmacy Oil Blend Convenience Kit


WHAT IT IS: Take a whiff of any of the essential oils in this kit and you’ll understand exactly why any expectant mother would love this as a gift. Included with this kit are 5 different essential oil blends (like Peppermint Halo) that can help ease stress and pain – and helps with overall well-being.  

PRICE: $59.95


The Gift: Bulletproof Octane Oil


WHAT IT IS: Bulletproof Octane Oil is loaded with sugar-free, energizing ingredients – like pure coconut oil. This can help fuel any brainiac’s efforts to reach a better state of mental flow, focus, and sharpness. (Plus, this goes great with coffee!)

PRICE: starts at $6.95

The Gift: Omega-3 Plus Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: No one likes brain fog – least of all, perhaps, a student who’s been feeling the stress of midterms, finals, and the overall academic grind. One possible cause of brain fog? An omega-3 deficiency. So, with the Omega-3 Plus Test, that student in your life can easily check their omega-3 levels (as well as their omega-6 and trans fatty acid levels) and determine if they need to increase their omega-3 intake.

PRICE: $99 (get 15% off with code GIVETHEGIFT)

The Gift: B Vitamins Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: When it comes to vitamins that are great for the brain, B vitamins arguably hold the #1 spot. For one, B vitamins – which include vitamin B6, B9, and B12 – play very key roles in the production of neurotransmitters. (Neurotransmitters allow electrical signals to travel throughout the brain, so that different areas of the brain can communicate with each other.) So this holiday season, consider gifting the student in your life with this convenient, quick way to check if they have enough B vitamins needed for a healthy brain. 

PRICE: $89 (get 15% off with code GIVETHEGIFT)

The Gift: Headspace App Subscription


WHAT IT IS: Meditation can have numerous benefits on the mind, but it’s not always an easy thing to master. Here to help: the Headspace App, which – with its fun graphics – makes it easy to learn how to meditate. So give the brainiac in your life a Headspace App subscription so they can more quickly learn the timeless practice of meditation.

PRICE: $95.88 for 1 year subscription

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