6 Foods and Nutrients that Can Boost a Woman’s Fertility

Scientists have discovered something remarkable: the food you eat can have a very real effect on reproductive health – including fertility. In short, by eating certain kinds of food – and avoiding others – it’s possible to boost fertility.

So what foods in particular can help improve the odds of getting pregnant? Here’s what current research says on the matter. Continue reading

Why the New HPV Test Might Be Better than the Pap Smear at Detecting Cervical Cancer Risk in Women

It’s happening somewhere right now: a woman is on her way to the gynecologist for a Pap smear (or Pap test). As you may know, a Pap smear – or a “pap” – screens for cervical cancer. If signs of cervical cancer are detected early enough, there’s a good chance that prompt medical intervention can defeat the cancer (or precancerous cells). However, as anyone who’s gotten a Pap smear knows, this test isn’t exactly the most comfortable of experiences. Still, many women regularly get Pap tests to thwart the risk of cervical cancer. And, until recently, no other screening methods for cervical cancer existed which were as accurate as the pap. Continue reading

Our most life-changing test yet: A note from EverlyWell CEO Julia Cheek

EverlyWell Community,

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our 12th test this year – and one that so clearly brings EverlyWell’s vision to life: easy, affordable and life-changing lab testing for all.  

Today we launched an at-home HPV test for women that detects the presence of 14 high-risk genotypes most commonly associated with causing cervical cancer. At $89 and covered by flexible spending and healthcare savings plans, this test is affordable, convenient, and over 99% accurate. Plus, it can provide life-saving information that is typically part of the screening process during an annual pap smear. Continue reading