This Thanksgiving, Bring a New Conversation To The Table – Food Sensitivities!

Thanksgiving is almost here, so the tempting aromas of turkey and cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and ice cream – and more – are nearly upon us. And with Thanksgiving, of course, comes the time-honored tradition of round-the-table dinner discussions. So, considering that you’ll be surrounded with lots and lots of food, here’s an idea for something new you can talk about this Thanksgiving: food sensitivities. Continue reading

4 Great Recipes for the Thanksgiving Feast-Goer with Food Sensitivities

What delicious foods will you cover your plate with this Thanksgiving dinner? Your answer might partly depend on what foods you’re highly reactive to (as determined, say, by a Food Sensitivity Test paired with an elimination diet). Which, naturally, begs the question: what exactly can you dine on this Thanksgiving if you’ve discovered that your body may be sensitive to some of this holiday’s most popular foods? Continue reading