What’s So Special About the Mediterranean Diet? For One, It Can Significantly Improve Your Heart Health

If you’re looking to improve your heart health, then the Mediterranean diet could be of interest to you. This is one of the most well-studied dietary patterns in the world – and the claim that it can help one’s heart health has the backing of rigorous scientific research. For example, it’s now known by the medical community that the Mediterranean diet can lower lipid levels (high lipid levels are linked to greater risk of heart disease) and boost your levels of the “good cholesterol,” HDL. Continue reading

Unusual Vaginal Discharge? An STD Could Be at Fault

As any woman knows first-hand, vaginal discharges are a pretty common occurrence. And, most of the time, discharges are nothing to be alarmed about. For one, they help keep the vagina clean and free of harmful pathogens.

But maybe you’ve noticed something…different…about your vaginal discharge. Perhaps there’s an unusual odor – or the color of the discharge isn’t the translucent white or clear color that it normally is.

If that’s something you’re experiencing, it may be time to test for sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. Continue reading

Folic Acid: What It Is, And Why It’s an All-Important Nutrient

Maybe you have extreme fatigue on a regular basis, a feeling of weakness, or a mood that’s lying somewhere in the doldrums. What do these have in common? For one, they can all be caused by a folic acid deficiency. So if you’re experiencing symptoms like these – or if you’re planning for pregnancy (developing babies require folic acid for healthy growth) – consider checking your folic acid levels.  

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