Why Weight Loss Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Every guy needs some fat – even if you’re Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But too much fat, and your testosterone levels will probably plummet – putting your health at risk on several fronts. In fact, there is a wealth of evidence that obesity is negatively correlated with testosterone levels. One study, for example, found that compared to men with a healthy weight, obese men were more than 8x as likely to have low testosterone.

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Testing Your Testosterone Levels? Know the Difference Between Free T and Total T

Testosterone deficiency (or hypogonadism) often entails an unsettling list of possible symptoms: you might gain weight more easily, for example – and in the form of fat, not muscle. Or you could find yourself with a lower sex drive than usual. Or, perhaps, you’ll feel as if a constant lethargy is smothering your mind’s ability to focus, make quick-and-accurate decisions, and feel good.

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Unhealthy Testosterone Levels in Women: Some Causes and Symptoms

Low testosterone levels in women can have significant repercussions on health. If you have low testosterone, your hair may begin to thin and your skin become drier. And there’s more: your sex drive may be dampened – one reason why some women with low testosterone choose to undergo testosterone therapy. You might lose muscle tone, too – which means that low testosterone levels aren’t exactly compatible with #summerbeachbodygoals. Continue reading

Unhealthy Testosterone Levels in Men: Some Causes and Symptoms

If the “black dog” of depression has reared its ugly head at some point in your life, then low testosterone levels may have been at play. But this is hardly the only possible consequence of low testosterone. Low testosterone levels that go untreated can lead to osteoporosis (where your bones become very brittle), infertility, and obesity. Even before any of these make their unwelcome appearance, other symptoms of low testosterone can pop up. For instance, if you often find yourself tossing and turning at night – Continue reading

How Testosterone Levels Impact Your Metabolism – And Your Health

Feeling good about the results of your serious workout routine? If so, you can thank a little hormone called testosterone. Deeply involved in metabolism, testosterone packs quite a hefty punch – regulating, for example, the production of muscle and the breakdown of fat. Everyone – both women and men – needs testosterone for good health and wellbeing. But too much or too little testosterone can wreak havoc on your body…. Continue reading