Are Fats Always Bad for You?

Fats, in the minds of some, are a kind of nutritional evil – the bane of a heart healthy diet. Others, however, regard fats as relatively harmless – and say that the notion that “Fats are bad for you” is little more than a widely-circulated myth.

So what’s the reality of the situation? Are fatty foods indeed dangerous delectables, as some claim, or are they actually dietary scapegoats and unfairly vilified? Continue reading

Omega-3: What It Does, and Why You (Absolutely) Need It

When was the last time you ate a fish-filled meal? The reason we ask: health experts recommend eating fish at least twice a week. There’s a good reason why, too: many types of fish – and other seafood – are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And, in the realm of human health, omega-3 is quite a potent nutrient: it protects your heart, improves cognitive functioning, bolsters your respiratory system, and boosts the health of your joints and eyes. So having optimal levels of omega-3 should be a priority for any health-conscious person (you can test your own omega-3 levels with EverlyWell’s Omega-3 Basic Test).

But why is omega-3 such a powerful health-booster – and what even is omega-3 in the first place?

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