4 Top Ways You Can Be Exposed to Three Dangerous Heavy Metals

Surprising as it may seem, your body contains various metals and metal-like elements. For example, metals like mercury, arsenic, and cadmium – which are known as “heavy metals” – can accumulate in the body through different routes of exposure.

Unlike many chemical elements – such as iodine – these 3 metals (mercury, arsenic, and cadmium) offer no benefit to the body. Instead, these heavy metals can be very toxic – disrupting, for instance, many important systems in the body (like the nervous system). Continue reading

Why Your Risk of Hypothyroidism Skyrockets When Your Diet Doesn’t Have Enough Iodine

You’ve probably heard that you need vitamins and minerals for good health. Minerals like iron and calcium and magnesium, for example – which your body’s well-being depends on. Perhaps less well-known than these, however, is another mineral your body definitely requires. That mineral is iodine – a chemical element used by the thyroid gland to produce some of the body’s most vital hormones (chemical messengers sent throughout the body). Continue reading