Are Fats Always Bad for You?

Fats, in the minds of some, are a kind of nutritional evil – the bane of a heart healthy diet. Others, however, regard fats as relatively harmless – and say that the notion that “Fats are bad for you” is little more than a widely-circulated myth.

So what’s the reality of the situation? Are fatty foods indeed dangerous delectables, as some claim, or are they actually dietary scapegoats and unfairly vilified? Continue reading

4 Evidence-Based Ways to Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels

You may have heard that high blood levels of LDL cholesterol can be hard on your health – and for good reason. Medical research has shown that elevated LDL levels can significantly bump up the odds of getting a heart attack (as higher amounts of LDL in the blood can clog your arteries with cholesterol plaques).

However, on a cheerier note, there are very practical things you can do to keep your LDL levels in check and protect your well-being. Continue reading